Laughing at Yourself

by MW Cook

Why you should never take yourself seriously

  • You have a bellybutton.  And those are funny.
  • The characters in a comedy are always better off than characters in a soap opera.
  • No one else takes you seriously.  Why should you?
  • When you take yourself too seriously, you tend to take God less seriously.  And that’s no good.
  • You’re small, flawed and insignificant.  Best not to be too serious about that.
  • People who can laugh at themselves are way more happy than those who cannot.
  • There is little in you that is worth taking seriously.
  • There are too many serious issues in the world for you to waste serious-energy on yourself.
  • People who take themselves too seriously are never free from the horrid tyranny of trying to be cool.
  • People who take themselves too serious can never, truly, be themselves.

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