Family Day

Someone recently asked me what sort of traditions we have for Family Day in Canada. Since it’s a brand-new holiday, though, I didn’t have an answer. But it got me thinking. What sort of traditions should we try to implement for Family Day? Here’s some ideas:

  • Drive around with the whole family and get yourself completely lost.  Then try to find your way back.  To make this a little more exciting, get the kids to direct you back.
  • Have a dress-up party with your family.  Once you have the wildest costumes, turn it into a dance party.
  • Take the family to the nearest downtown urban center and hand out good things to the homeless and the lonely.
  • Find a town you’ve never been to before.  Take the family there, walk around, have lunch and go back home.
  • Make it a day of wild photos.  Drive around aimlessly and stop wherever you find a neat looking place to take a family portrait.
  • Build a fort.
  • Have the kids cook whatever they want for dinner.
Any more ideas?
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