Some Quizzes – Part 2

by MW Cook

Okay, part two of our little quiz.

Scenario 4
In a sadistic game worthy of the comic books, an evil super villain has kidnapped your son and one hundred strangers from a distant land. Your son is placed in a box. The strangers are placed in another box (a big one, I suppose). You are given a control panel that connects to explosives on box boxes. There are two buttons on the control panel. One will detonate your son. One will detonate the strangers. If you do not press one of the buttons, bot boxes will explode. Whoever does not die will walk free.

What is the right thing to do?
  • Save the hundred strangers
  • Save your son
  • Let them both die

Scenario 5
35 million people will die of hunger-related illness this year. $500, well placed, could prevent one of these deaths. You have a house, a car, a good job and a nice church building. How many deaths ought you to prevent and to what lengths ought you to go to prevent them?
Answer in comments.

Scenario 6
Jesus told you that you are the salt of the earth (meaning you are meant to slow down the decay of the world like salt slows the decay of meat) and the light of the world (meaning you are meant to shine the glorious light and love of Jesus in a dark world). Given $1000, how could you best accomplish these roles in your present situation?
Answer in comments.

Is it just me, or are moral scenarios easier when they are in the abstract and aren’t actually happening every day?

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