Turning the World Upside-Down

by MW Cook

10 ideas that could turn the planet upside-down:

  • Conventions are almost always arbitrary and can be abandoned.
  • Quitting your job, moving to a developing nation and contributing to that society with whatever skills you have is not necessarily a bad idea.
  • Exciting things like TV, movies and video games scratch an itch, but usually don’t have a lot of value in themselves.
  • Poverty exists only because of evil in society (Deut. 15:5-6).
  • “When you possess the superfluous you possess what is not your own.” – St. Augustine.
  • World hunger is a solvable problem if those who are not hungry are willing to solve it.
  • Consumer cultures, like our, are characterized by the few producing for the many.  This leaves the many without a great amount of practical skills or ambitions.
  • Sedentary living and poor diets are baaaad.
  • The above applies to the spiritual realm as much as it does to the physical realm.
  • The root of all human suffering and injustice and death and every other crappy thing you can think of is the underlying taint and flaw each human has on their inner being.  Theologians call this sin.  I like to call it soul-cancer.
  • Jesus cures soul-cancer.  In turn, Jesus cures everything.

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