Nothing to Wear

by MW Cook

 I opened my clothing drawer today.  It’s hard to find stuff in there.  I have to dig around and stuff always seems to spill out.  Today a thought hit me while I was rummaging: How many clothes do I have?  I had to find out.  Here it is:

To me, that seemed like a lot.  I mean, how many clothes does a person need?  I started wondering if my Wellness Challenge had anything to say about the clothing I owned?  Isn’t it better to own what I need and be rid of the rest?  Doesn’t the man with two shirts have a responsibility to give his extra one away?

So I fell into purge mode:

What do I have left?  Three pants, four T-shirts, four collared shirts…not much else.  All I need.  The rest of my wardrobe?  In separate bags headed for Pakistan and goodwill.

What do you have in your closets that you don’t need?  What do you have that someone else might need?

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