3 Labels

by MW Cook

Think about what you are going to do today. Get at least six things. I’m pretty sure you can break them down and organize them into three labels:
– Things you need to do. This is your basic, I-do-this-so-I-can-eat stuff. Your bread and butter. Your 9-5. This is what puts food on the plate and money in your landlord’s pocket.
– Things you ought to do. These are things that are good, in and of themselves. Hanging out with family. Talking with neighbors. Volunteering. Telling people about Jesus. Working out. Good stuff.
– Things you want to do. That which is fun. Hobbies, games, travels, etc.

On how many tasks can you put more than one label?

For most people, I think, very few of their tasks can hold more than one label. The things you need to do are usually very different from the ought and want lists. And as our tasks get more and more separated and are more and more exclusive in regards to these three labels, we get more stress. Think about the man who works a 9-5 job moving money around in a bank. He needs to do it. But it’s not what he wants and he can’t see much of an ought being fulfilled in it. Once he does what he needs we goes home and, since his day is mostly gone, he has to choose to either do what he wants or what he ought. Sucks.

But what if we pulled the three lists together? What if you could put all three labels on one task? Or on most of your tasks?


That’s the dream, I think. To support yourself and your family while doing what is right and fun. How many people get that? How many of you are there? Are any of you on your way?

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