Ragamuffin Pokémon

by MW Cook

Among pokémon trainers there are really two kinds of pokémon that you can come across. Those you respect and those you mock. Those that trainers are are generally willing to work with and those that they are not.

Everyone is willing to sweat and pull for a Zapdos or Dragonair. Everyone is willing to put in the time to raise and nurture a young Charmander or Mew. Of course they’re willing to do that. I mean it’s a Mew for heaven’s sake! Do you have any idea how much potential a Mew has? Most would gladly trade a level 50 Grimer for a level 5 Mew. Because the Mew has potential. It qualifies itself. It pulls its own weight.

But there are few who would put serious effort into raising a Ratatta or Zubat or (shudder) Paras. Why not? Because it seems that these pokémon have very little potential. They are the products of poor lineage. They have nothing special about them. Just common, base, trash, really. A trained level 15 Mew could drop a level 20 Paras. Maybe even level 25.

Which is why I’m glad that God is not a pokémon trainer.

God isn’t searching the world for special people. He’s not trying to find the Mewtwo of the world and side with it. He’s looking for the base, lowly, stupid Ratatta to empower!

I’m a Ratatta. Small, unspecial and not welcome in many homes. But with a trainer like the one I have I could rock the world. I could stand before kings and rulers defiantly. I could take on all the legendary pokémon of the world. Bring on your Articuno and your Moltres! I may be a lowly Ratatta, but I am being trained by the greatest Master out there. Nay, I am trained by the one who made all other trainers and pokémon!

Yay for God and his team of ragamuffin pokémon!

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