Up @ Night #9 – Naiveté

by MW Cook

var addthis_pub=”4a0af351783743a8″;Did you hear about how NASA had a computer that proved Joshua’s missing day?
Or what about the story about how Einstein proved there was a God?
And, of course, how Barak Obama is really a Muslim and probably a terrorist.
Did you know some airlines make sure a non-Christian is flying their plane, in case of Rapture?

I’ve often wondered where this strange, permeating sort of Christian Naiveté comes from. What make intelligent Christians believe in and stand up for things that have never actually happened?

Part of it is probably just because these urban myths promote our worldview. If they promote our worldview, they must be right. Unfortunately, they don’t really help at all because non-Christians quickly recognize them as falsehoods.

We all have a tendency to believe things if they sound nice and toss things out that we’d rather not be true. This is why we don’t require Bible dictionaries to cite their sources and at the same time refuse to believe a science article unless it provides a pile of primary data and statistics.

Discernment is good. Let’s use some.

But in the meantime, make sure you sign this petition to stop the upcoming movie that portrays him and his disciples as gay!

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