A Stitch in Time

by MW Cook

We were out on a family canoe trip this past weekend. We trekked in Six Mile Lake, over two portages and into Lone Tree Lake. Good times, for the most part.

On the first day at the camp site my little brother, Robert, and I decided to have some fun with gunwhale  bobbing. I won. But not without a price. Here’s the order of events:

We get into our positions and start bobbing.

I manage to cause Rob to fall into the drink.  I lose my own balance right afterward and fall in, hitting my leg on the gunnel as I go.

Feeling the pain build in my left left, I struggle to shore to examine the damage.


It needed stitches, but this was the only trip where we didn’t bring needle and thread.  I tried to use fishing line and a saftey pin, but I couldn’t get the line to go through the holes I made.  I ended up just throwing a handful of bandages on it.  I expect a decent scar to show off.  Here’s a shot after we got home:Pretty, eh?
So, yay for camping!  Here’s a video:

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