TPK Diaries #1

by MW Cook

Settling. Goofing off. Case in point:

A nice Pakistani lady was talking to Ruth while we were all at the park today. After looking at me she turned to Ruth and said, “Wow, you have a white husband and you’re dressed like this?” It threw Ruth for a loop just for a moment. But she remembered this was a common sentiment in Pakistan. Since Ruth is ‘high-status’ she ought to dress like it, the logic goes.

Ruth rejects this. She refuses to dress or act a certain way just because her social class seems to call for it. This turns some people off, initially. But it also makes her true relationships deeper. You see, her adornment is the inner beauty of her personality and her life in Jesus. That’s what’s most attractive. So when she refuses to conform to arbitrary conventions about dress code, she is rocking the boat where it needs to be rocked. Rock on.

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