Up @ Night #8 – The important things that don’t matter.

Christian Horizons is a really neat organization. Check them out.

They hired me a little while ago. Last week they said that I would be starting at a house soon. Soon is not nearly as soon as I’d like, though. I’ve been living here in Thorncliffe for more than a week…and I guess I’m unemployed. I know they’ll call eventually (probably). But even then there is the nagging question: what if I don’t get enough hours? What if they don’t really need me? What if I can’t do this thing that I’ve set out to do? Crash and Burn. Prove all the nay-sayers right. Screw the pooch.

And the scary thing is, failure, as far as I can see, is actually possible. I have a wife and two kids. No job=no rent / food. What if I can’t make ends meet? It’s possible.

I caught myself trying to come up with get-rich schemes. Well, not get-rich, more like get-decently paid. And right around the time I started toying with the idea of dancing on the street for quarters I remembered something someone very wise once said.

Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Then all these things will be added to you


Jesus just told us not to worry about food, drink, clothes, rent, Internet, phone. Because the secret is seeking Christ above all. Running after his righteousness. His kingdom. And if we run after it, we can be confident that he will take care of the details.

I’m going to keep waiting for the call from Christian Horizons. I’m going to call them a few times every day until I hear form them. I’m not going to turn away money that comes my way. But I refuse to chase it. I refuse to live for it. Instead of trembling by the phone and staying up at night wondering if August’s rent cheque will bounce, I’m going to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness. If I’m still living here next month, you’ll know that it worked.

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