Sticks and Stones

by MW Cook

There’s a bill in the pipes in America right now.  Read it.

So they’re hoping to make it a crime to ’cause substantial emotional distress’ through the Internet.  A crime to stress people out?
The bill claims that 60% of mental health professionals have treated, within the last five years, someone who has had a ‘problematic’ Internet experience.  Problematic?  C’mon guys, I have a problematic experience almost every day, Internet or no Internet.  A crime to stress people out?
So when did we become so thin-skinned?  When did it become an unbearable burden to have someone say a negative thing?  When did we lose the ability to endure stress?  We’re wimps!
And this bill, which I doubt will ever go through, would only make things worse.  The Law becomes that big brother who makes sure his wimpy brother doesn’t get into trouble at school.  The only problem is, that wimpy brother remains, perpetually, a wimp.  He loses the ability to think or fend for himself.  When threatened he doesn’t try to solve it on his own – he runs to his brother.  And woe to him the day his brother cannot save him.
Our hearts and minds have become fragile.  Good thing we’re told that there is a different kind of big Brother who won’t keep our problems from us, he’ll just make sure that our hearts and minds get whatever protection they need.