Up, up and away

by MW Cook

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, / neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. / For as the heavens are higher than the earth, / so are my ways higher than your ways / and my thoughts than your thoughts.

You remember how in Narnia Aslan seemed to grow with the children? When Lucy got older she commented on how Aslan also seemed bigger. I guess it was suggesting that as we grow in our understanding and perspective, we see Christ as bigger because we are able to see him clearer than before.

Today God and his ways and thoughts seem very high and other to me. I have never really been able to understand skeptics who insist on judgin God by a human standard and putting him into human-made logic puzzles to try to keep him from existing.

A rock so big he couldn’t lift it? The question makes no sense.

I’ve always loved this verse. It reminds me of his transendence. How he is just so friggin’ beyond and above me. It reminds me to never allow myself to think of him after my own image. Comforting.

And today I noticed something else about it. Read it. Check out the context. The verses before it talk about how God will abundantly pardon and forgive the wicked if we come to him. And the declaration that he is not like is is meant as a comfort.

“Don’t worry. I won’t hold a grudge, like you would. I won’t act in spite, like you would. I won’t fall into self-pity when you insult me. I won’t grow self-conscious if you ignore me. I’m not like you. And because I’m not like you I stand at the gate waiting for you to come back to me. And when you do I’ll kill the fattened calf and have a party, nevermind how much youve been screwing up. Don’t worry about it – I’m not like you.”