Kill the Jerk

by MW Cook

Michael Savage is a jerk.

I mean, seriously, he’s a total jerk.  He says a lot of hateful things about subjects that he seems painfully ignorant about.  I was particularily offended when he claimed that autism was ‘a brat who hasn’t been told to cut it out.’  Total jerk.  Would never invite him over to my house for dinner.
But the fact that he has been banned from Britain because of his jerk-ness scares me.  Him along with a few other jerks.
I can understand keeping militants out of your country, of course.  I get that.  I agree with it, no less.  But Savage and the Phelps family are nothing more than an ignorant bunch of jerks.  I worry only because the qualification for banning them is a subjective judgment of their character.  I worry about where a descion like this might lead in the future.  I realize, of course, that we cannot demand to enter a foriegn country.  If I want to go to Britain, and they refuse me, there is no reason for me to feel my rights have been infringed.  I understand that.  What I don’t understand is why being a jerk can become a real reason to keep someone out of a nation.