A Word from Ruth

by MW Cook

Hey everyone!

This is Ruth. I, along with my family, am so thankful to all who ever prayed for my father, DevRaj. He no longer lives on this earth but is residing with the King of Kings! I can’t even imagine how happy he must be to be with His Jesus and to fellowship with the One he served all his life! I am looking forward to that glorious future myself.

I want to tell the world about my dear dad. He never met most of you, but the ones he did he remembered in his prayers daily. He was always thankful about how so many of you never stopped supporting him and his family in all the ways you have. Lots and lots of thanks to you all for praying, encouraging and everything. We miss him so much! It’s hard to believe that he is gone…kind of strange that we will not see his face until we see him there…partially sad but a glorious hope. Please keep praying for us all. Especially my mom who feels all alone at this moment…we Pakistani people spend almost all our years with the families and it is just so hard to be away from each other. But I am so thankful that I was here and my visa arrived late. God works all things for good.

I love my dad and am so proud to be his daughter. He gave me all the freedom regardless the cultural/tribal barriers and I’m proud to know that he always encouraged us to accomplish our goals. One BIG thing I noticed was that he was truly a man of God. Faithful, devoted to God, kind and gentle, our good friend. I spent hours talking to him and realized this one thing that mattered to him – trust God no matter what. Follow His lead. Don’t run after this world and its vanity but chase after God. Only He matters. He spent so much time with His God that he actually knew all about his death – how it would take place and even when he’d be buried! He was very perceptive. He loved his God above all. I learned so much from his faithful life and praise God to have been given an amazing godly man. I could go on and on about his character.

Even on his death bed, in the very last moments, he said this to me as I was crying: “God is always faithful and will never leave His people. Be content and happy in all things. We must praise Him in all circumstances.” The thought that gives me peace is that he is up there with his God and have no sickness and totally has a new body. He ran his course well. Praise God!