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Month: October, 2008

An end.

Dear friends,

At 6:40pm my father-in-law, Rev. Devraj Joseph, succumbed to septic shock due to pneumonia.

What can I say now? We’re devastated. He was a man of God, quick with encouraging words and smiles. Always putting his family first. It’s like there a part of us that has been ripped away, and it won’t come back.

But I’ve been thinking about what Paul said – “We don’t mourn like those who have no hope.” We have hope. I have a hope that right now Devraj is happier and more alive than he has ever been. I have a hope that he has receive that Pearl for which he sold everything. I have hope.

So I mourn. We’re all mourning. But with hope.

The funeral will be in Sanghar, Saturday 18 at 10am. He will be buried in Mirpur Khas.

Thank you all who prayed.


Here’s a teaser trailer that my brother made. The finished product should be ready a little while after we return to Canada (whenever that will be…)

EDIT: well…that obviously doesn’t work, now does it? It’s a shame, really, because it took an hour to upload. Any nerds out there know what the problem is??

Blocked Again

So it looks like the Pakistani government has once again decided that the people here are far too stupid to be able to handle seeing some opposing viewpoints. As of this morning Blogspot, and who knows what other sites, are blocked in this country. Makes sense, right? Someone has a blog that says offensive things, so instead of examining their points and maybe even trying to respond to them, we just block the whole friggin’ server.

I guess we Christians do the same thing though. Whenever a new book or movie comes out that proposes some opposing viewpoints our first and only reaction is boycott. And so these viewpoints go unchallenged and interpret our silence as weakness. Jesus never did that. Neither should we. Wouldn’t it be better to take things like the Da Vinci Code, The God Delusion or the Golden Compass, read and analyze them and, if they don’t hold water, take them down?

We breathe selfishly when we refuse to listen to the voices of the world around us, especially when those voices are screaming things that we know to be false.