An end.

by MW Cook

Dear friends,

At 6:40pm my father-in-law, Rev. Devraj Joseph, succumbed to septic shock due to pneumonia.

What can I say now? We’re devastated. He was a man of God, quick with encouraging words and smiles. Always putting his family first. It’s like there a part of us that has been ripped away, and it won’t come back.

But I’ve been thinking about what Paul said – “We don’t mourn like those who have no hope.” We have hope. I have a hope that right now Devraj is happier and more alive than he has ever been. I have a hope that he has receive that Pearl for which he sold everything. I have hope.

So I mourn. We’re all mourning. But with hope.

The funeral will be in Sanghar, Saturday 18 at 10am. He will be buried in Mirpur Khas.

Thank you all who prayed.