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You guys think you can come in here and mess around! I’ve got dibs here too you know. Just because your combined imaginative powers ammount to a pile of melted marshmallows doesn’t mean you get to rule the pakistory!

Aha! Once more, I exclaim! Aha! !
! !


….sigh, this poor thing is dead… sniff. Ok guys, we will be having a memorial service April 9th at approximately 11 pm EST. Matt, thats 8 am sharp on the 10th!

farwell fair blog… sniff*

Wits you want? Wits you shall have.

A battle of the wits? To the death? I accept.

We shall have four challenges in this battle of wits. I shall choose the first, you shall choose the second, I shall choose the third and the Urim and Purim shall choose the fourth.

That first challenge shall be thus:
Choose an object near your computer. Imagine that this object can think, see, hear, and feel. Describe what it is thinking, seeing, hearing, and feeling this very moment.

False Presuppositions

I had a thought the other day in regards to this things we call Christianity. I think many of us follow Christianity instead of Christ. We pay homage to the form and system instead of to the Christ that inspired the form and system. Forms and systems are all well and good so long as we use them to see Christ, not as an end in themselves.

So here is something that came to me while I was thinking about all this. It’s rather long so budget your time well.