Matt W Cook

writer.former fundamentalist.christianly fellow

As for the blog, it was a mercy killing. .it’s like finding a kitten with a fork stuck in his eye. .sure the kitten’s cute and all. .but you need that fork. .and that kitten has to die.

As for the challenge. .I challenge you to a battle of the wits. .winner get to slay this blog.


I wonder, dear Ben, how it is that you think the right of killing this blog falls to you? I believe that this blog rests on my blogger account, does it not? I think in order for you to close this blog you must defeat me in some sort of hokey challenge.

I leave the rest to you.

Do I really need a title?

Just got back from a trip to the in-laws. I’m tired. I’ll make a real post later.

Here’s something I wrote while I was there.

See ya tomorrow.