Today is a good day to die. . .

by MW Cook

The first thing that Barbjohn noticed was the incredible lack of. .breathing. .that was taking place, figuring this was due to a lack of ozone in the atmosphere, he took out his trusty garden snail and squished it into his eye. Now in pain, but readily breathing, barbjohn gazed around at the lucious greenery that dotted the arid, dry landscape. He did a kind of a skip-jump, and then a little hop, and then did a jig. .and then another skip-jump. Thus engaged, barbjohn’s sidekick johnbarb Jr. the 9th pushed his comrade over and procedeed to do a skip-jump, and then realizing his situation decided it was high time for a swift walk around the ol’ farmyard (this was what he affectionately referred to the new planet as.)His goal(s)were to conquer new lands, conquer old lands, breed new hamsters, and put all his stock shares in the square wheel and of course find someone who could dance the dance of cheese. Whilst pondering the situation he noticed a faint sound coming from the near-east direction. .