by MW Cook

Pals and prayers

To all my buddies out in the Great White North, thanks. Out here, I miss my friends and family the most. I’ve gotten used to the dirt, the noise, the food and the heat, but I’ll never get used to leaving you wonderful folks behind. I’ll always remember the champanade nights and tea mornings, the wild road trips, the late nights at KLBC, the crazy games of Settlers, Andy Mack spaghetti (I remember it every time I pass the chili market), the church plays, choir trips, Curry Village, Pakistan meetings, Caedmon’s Call, ETS Conference, that crazy Corroda, the Armour Rd. house, and countless other times of fun and good fellowship. I know that before it’s all over there will be more times like that, just as memorable. I miss you guys, and I can’t wait to see you again.

And my dear family. I am blessed in having the greatest family I know. Mom, Dave, Stephen, Mike and Rob, you all rock my face off, come visit soon (and bring the Lord of the Rings DVDs and some coffee).

I’m re-reading The Godly Man’s Picture. In the section on prayer Watson makes the point that the Jewish people always had a morning and evening sacrifice. He makes the simple comment “Pray at least twice a day.” Sounds like good advice to me! So folks, get some sacrifices in order and have a morning and evening time of prayer, get a good habit formed. Go pray.

There should be some new photos up one of these days; I’ll let ya know when they finally get there.

Cook out.

اردو کام ہے