by MW Cook

Twist and shout

A day in the life of a Canadian in Pakistan. Hot.

They tell me it’s unseasonable hot these days. I believe them. September is the month in which it’s supposed to begin to cool down, but I think that it’s getting warmer. It’s all good though, our little house has good air flow and whatnot.

The Bazaar is a really neat place. Once you go there enough times you can always tell where certain people will be. My buddy Muhammad and his buddy Muhammad are always by the big ‘Allah’ sign in the center of town. I always know who I’ll run into in the covered Bazaar a few streets away, even though I can’t pronounce or remember their names. Yep, it looks like this town is becoming my town. All is good.

So the night of the 12th was a pretty special night for Muslims here. It was a holiday called Shab-e-barat. This night is the Anniversary of the night that Muhammad was taken up from Jerusalem to heaven to meet God and the prophets of old. So the Muslims here stayed up all night long praying and fasting. Our land-lady tells us that this is the night that God ordains all that will happen throughout the next year. Very interesting. School was closed the next day to allow the teachers to rest up.

Internet is still unreliable, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. It seems to work great first thing in the morning, that’s about 7-8pm Canada time. Maybe we’ll see you on MSN!

Here’s a little Urdu lesson just in case you find yourself in need of potatoes while wandering around Pakistan.
You approach the Potato walla and say: Assalamu Alaikum, Bhai saab (Hey there bro)
Potato walla: Wa’ Alaikum Assalam, aap kya hal hai?
(Hey there, how ya doin’?)
You: Mein teek hun, mujhe aloo chahiye
(I’m fine, I need potato)
Potato walla: Acha, kittnay kilo?
(Giddiup, how many kilos?)
You: Sirf adha kilo
(just half a kilo)
Potato walla: Acha, yeh dus rupaay
(giddiup, that’s ten Rupees)
You: Yeh lijie, shukria
(Here ya go, thanks)

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