by MW Cook

Plasmodium falciparum

It started with a small hole in the mosquito net. A single mosquito flew in. This mosquito was a host to this parasite. At the bug plunged it’s little straw thingy into my sleeping body, the parasite-ridden saliva dripped into my blood stream. The little critters inside made their way to my liver, where they hung out until they felt they were ready to begin the hostile take-over of my red blood cells. It started out as a simply pain in the neck, literally. After that the pain moved up to the back of my head and I started to get a nasty fever and general malaise. Mr. doctor diagnosed my with malaria and gave me many a pill. It took a good week before I felt normal and I’ve lost a lot of weight (though I don’t think that’s a bad thing).

All better now, and I’ve got the Internet in my house. I’ll be blogging more often now. Talk to ya later!

Cook out

See the purple stuff? That’s malaria eating my red blood cells.