by MW Cook


That’s the Pakistani Internet for ya, unpredictable. I’ve been to this cafe three times today. This is the first time it’s worked. Yipee.

Things are progressing nicely here. Having a good time, totally adjusted to the food. Actually, it seemed that when the team left my stomach grew some callouses and I’ve been pretty much fine ever since! Odd says I.

We’ve been trying to move to Kunri. But every time we talk to the lady that’s setting our house up there seems to be more delays. I think we’ll be in by the end of next week, but we were supposed to be in on the 15th. Oh well, we’ll see what happens.

I bought a goat. Well, me and Ruth’s dad got together to buy a goat. We’re gonna eat it for Christmas. Can’t wait! I’ve discovered my favorite dish during the past few weeks. Goat Karahi. Go get some on Gerrard St., you won’t regret it.

Election time here in Pakistan, and that actually causes quite a few logistical problems. You see, richshaws and taxis don’t run during elections because it seems that if any government fella sees you driving he’ll ‘borrow’ your vehicle to transport people to the voting booths. So Rani actually got stuck at school yesterday because she couldn’t get a richshaw home. Neat, eh?

Ruth and I are planning on kickin’ it to Karachi tomorrow. It’ll be neat to go on our own, without a guide or whatnot. I really am beginning to love that city.

You may have noticed that my previous blog advertising pictures proved to be…unreliable. That’s because the Internet here could be discribed as the same. I’m working on it, I’ll let ya’ll know when things are more normal.

Cook out!