by MW Cook

I hate computers

I just finished a rather large and eloquent post, only to have the dear Pakistani Internet screw me over a bit and refuse to post the dear thing…Let’s give it another try.

And lo, there was much rejoicing!

The biggest of congrats go out to my dear Andy Mack and his dear Rachel. God will richly bless you in this oh-so pretty institution called marriage. Here’s some tips that will help you in your pre-wedding experience:
1 – It is very important to make up sappy, squishy pet-names for each other and use them exlusively, especially in public. Names that involove teddy bears and words that cannot be spelt are the best.
2 – From here on out you are required to dress the same. All day, every day.
3 – Follow the advice Andy Mack gave when a friend asked him how to make marriage work.
4 – Never listen to a bozo who makes a list of advice for you.

Anyway, marriage rocks, you’ll love it. I can’t tell you how giddy I am, but I can show you:

You’ve rocked my face off. I can’t wait to tell Ruth!