by MW Cook

Hello friends!
This is Ruth. Just wanted to update you all a little. :) Ok, here is what has been happening lately. As many of you know, the team and Matthew have arrived safely in Pakistan. Joe and I, on the other hand are still here in Cananda!! What happend, you may wonder. Well, we were all ready and on our way, showing our tickets and what not, the agent tells me that I cannot go! I asked why and he said that since I am not Canadian, I need a travelling pass or visa to travel through the European countries. That for sure was a shock to us. Something that we never expected to happen. To make the story short, we tried very hard right and then to get me another flight but no such luck. In doing all that, Matthew ended up missing his flight but thankfully got another one in a few hours without any extra charge. Both Joe and I ended up staying here. I was VERY upset, angry and frustrated. Then of course the people at the air-port aren’t the most friendly and helpful. Anyways, Thursday and Friday were very tiring. Lots of running around at the terminals inorder to find some help re my next flight.
As of now, I have talked to Matthew a few times. Everybody is doing good. Is safe and having a good time. Joe and I fly on this Wed around 11:40pm. First flight is from TO to Hong Kong (19 hours). 10 hours waiting at the air-port there and then final flight (9hours) to Karachi). Yes, a VERY long one but that seems to work for now. So please pray for us. I am a little nervous to travel with my little son. I have never done this before. So pray for the strength. God is good and has been teaching us to trust in HIM and know that He is faithful. Today I can say that whatever has been, it’s good becasue I know that we are in HIS Hands. He has a reason for all this. Praise God! Thank you all so much for your prayers, love and support.
God is good
Standing on His promises