by MW Cook

Go hizzle…please

Check out this site. I think you’ll like what you see.


EDIT: As it turns out, my screening of this link was not complete. There are some incidents of profanity, so the link has been altered accordingly.

EDITx2: As it turns out, my screening of the replacment link was also not altogether complete, as there are a few more incidents of profanity…I’m not too sure what to do now…

EDITx3: Oh for crying out loud…I’ve decided to scrap this entire attempt at a post. Instead of clicking on the above link, which will now just take you to Google (at your own risk), go to Shawn Cuthill’s forum and vote that Derek Webb is better than Cross Movement.

That’s all folks, nothing to see here, move along. I promise I’ll have a real post up soon.