by MW Cook

With all the crazy stuff going on, who has time for a meaningless post? Me…I guess.

You may notice a little new addition to the assortment of buttons on this little blog of mine. I got myself a Site-Flavored Google Search thingy. I believe that this adds to the coolness factor of my blog. Not only can you search right here from my blog, but the searches you do will be slightly customized to reflect the interests of this site.

I really hope it doesn’t look to cluttered, I hate it when web sites look to cluttered. You know what else I hate? When people can’t use the wrong form of ‘to(o)’. When you want to refer to the excess of something, you use the word ‘too’ not ‘to’. Look at the first sentence in this paragraph, did you notice the error? I know some of you did (Mack) but I’d bet some people didn’t. Here’s a nice little ditty for you to remember when to use too or to:

There are too many O’s

Do you get it? When there are too many of something, use too many O’s. Do you get it? Maybe, maybe not.

Either way, my blog’s coolness factor went up, just look:
Previous coolness factor – 3
Present coolness factor – At least 4.25

I’m done, gimmie a call sometime, I’ll tell you a story.