by MW Cook

Do I really believe in this stuff? Maybe…

Okay, we all knew that Ruth was gaining in the gut, but it turns out that she’s not the only one that’s showing these days (and no, I don’t mean me). The child in Ruth’s belly now visibly moves every once in a while! I can look at Ruth’s belly and see the child kick from the outside!

Now, I don’t necessarily believe in this sort of thing, but I’ll tell you a story that happened about 5 minutes ago. I was sitting there talking to Ruth’s gut (leave me alone, it’s an expectant father thing) and I was wondering what the child would turn out to be when he/she arrived. I decided to ask. I said “Alright, now I want to know what you are in there. So I’ll ask you whether you are a boy or a girl, and when I ask the right question I want you to kick so we’ll know.” After I felt the child understood, I began to ask my questions. “Are you a boy?” -wait-…no response. “Are you a girl?” As soon as the words left my mouth there was a kick in the center of Ruth’s belly. Therefore, I am now sure that the child is a girl, regardless of what the pictures say. And if she turns out to be a he…well then father and son will need to have a little talk about lying, won’t we?

In other (and more serious) news, Ruth and I now have flight bookings on the way! They people at the agency got back to us almost right away and now all that remains is the payment. Praise God!