15 Years and Counting

by MW Cook

During some intensive spring cleaning I stumble across a thick bundle of papers and folders: immigration documents from the first couple years of marriage. Included are several evidences of our mutual affection such as love letters, wedding favours, gifts, and signed statements–we had to prove our relationship was real.

Reading through, I remember how much we’ve changed.
First we were kids, entralled by a wide-looking world.

Behold, the one-legged goose!
Niagara Gorge?
See what we did there?

We grew up fast and got married.

So spiffy!
And not always serious.
And look at how earnest!

A fledgling family,
we crossed land and sea

I should bring back that haircut.

We came back different people,
to a different-feeling world.

But you still kept your necklace

Even when certain things broke apart,
we never did.
We never even came close.

Part of my spiritual crisis included this regretful hairdo

I love being with you.

Partly because we look quite good together

I love how we keep changing

and how we always seem to be changing
into people
in love

Love you Ruth. Happy 15th!