Jeremiah’s Dirty Underwear

by MW Cook

The LORD was appalled with the nation that called themselves after his name. They oppressed the strangers, the fatherless, the widows, and shed innocent blood all over the place. They churned out wickedness like a fountain spewing forth water. The prophets lied. The priests chased political power. The congregates loved it. The pastors were brutish and did not seek the loving-kindness of their God. They did not grieve. They made their faces harder than rocks. They refused to repent. They had faith that they were God’s nation, even though they didn’t act like it. Time for an object lesson.

The LORD called Jeremiah.

“Get yourself some new underwear. Something nice, made of linen. Wear it, and don’t wash it.”

Jeremiah did that.
A few days later, the word of the LORD came again.

“Take it off, and hide it under a rock by the river.”

Jeremiah did that.
Many days later, the word of the LORD came again.

“Go back and fetch that gitch. How does it look?”

Pretty bad.

“This evil people,” saith the LORD, “which refuse to do justice and live the loving-kindness they claim I am full of, are just like this loincloth: good for nothing.”