Hey Ruth, remember Valentine’s Day?

by MW Cook

I don’t really remember Valentine’s Day. Did we do anything? I think things were pretty busy. And we’ve never cared about that sort of thing, anyway. But I had planned to write this really cute and cuddly Pokemon romance fanfic for you. It would have been great. Seriously.

Opposite. But secretly the same.

Opposite. But secretly the same.

I’d have made the story about Umbreon and Espeon. Because they’re opposites. But secretly they’re the same. I think it would have opened with a cute little Umbreon walking through the woods. I picture Umbreon looking a bit sad or lonely. Then, suddenly, a scampy little Espeon shows up. Maybe Espeon bursts through the foliage and tumbles into Umbreon. It’d be cute.

I’m not sure what would have happened after they found each other in the woods. I bet Espeon would have loved to roll around in a bright meadow. I think Umbreon would have been curious about exploring the dark forest. The thing about bright meadows and dark forests, though, is that they are less fun to be in when you’re alone. So Espeon would convince Umbreon to roll around in the bright meadows and chase butterflies. Umbreon would enjoy it, because Espeon was there. Then Umbreon would convince Espeon to slip through the dark forest and they’d chase mice and eat berries that made their tummys hurt. And Espeon would love it, because even a tummyache can be fun when you share it with your opposite who’s secretly the same as you.

I could never figure out where the story went after that. It kinda kept going on and on because there are always more meadows to roll in and dark forests to explore. I couldn’t write it with words. But that’s okay. I feel like we’re writing it together with our lives. Like Rumi said:

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others.

Unfold your own myth.

Have a story-worthy fifth day, Ruth. I’ll say Hey again tomorrow.