by MW Cook

Stories are great because they let us have different and awesome human experiences.

Fun is the only reason to do anything.  Even work.  You work for money.  Money is used for fun.  Enough money for fun is enough money.

The funnest thing ever is being mindful about every moment as it passes through you.

My wife is the only one I ever could have been with.  If I had been with anyone else I would not have grown and I wouldn’t have been having so much fun.

Gatsby’s mistake was trying to relive the awesome moments of the past.  He should have been looking for awesome in the future.  Or, better, in the present.

Nick Carraway didn’t get it.

I love you.

Portal 2 might be the most perfect video game ever.

All the atoms in my body were created at the beginning of time and have existed for billions of years and have made up galaxies and stars and planets and vegetation and animals and food and the countless generations of mankind.  And so were yours.  We’re so related it’s scary, and I don’t even know your language.

Their is a chemical that your brain whenever a cherished idea is attacked.  It modifies your thought process so you are less likely to acknowledge any reasoning that might harm your cherished idea.  But you probably don’t believe that.

Sometimes I think so much about the mystery of existence that I get frightened.  And I still laugh at fart jokes.

I am free.

There is no reason not to be free.