The Gravity of Gravity

by MW Cook

We’re getting ready to start home schooling our kids.  This gives me a great excuse to buy all manner of geeky science toys to play with.  A few weeks ago my kids were having a blast playing with magnets, trying to figure out what is affected by magnets and seeing the beautiful patterns iron filings can be put into.  We all experienced that awe of seeing something invisible have a strong effect on the things we can see.

I was thinking about that as I walked to the bus yesterday.  And a thought struck me so hard that I stopped walking and looked down at my feet.


Every single second of my life, this massive ball of matter is pulling at me, trying to suck me inside its centre.  All the time.  I’m plastered to its side.  I can’t get away from it, though it’s completely invisible.  I stood there for five minutes, awe-struck.  There were people at the bus stop staring at me.  I didn’t care.

“Look at this!” I wanted to yell at them.  “We’re all stuck to the earth!  Look!  It’s gravity!

And that made me think of the larger-scale gravity wowzer of earth being tossed around the sun.  The massive thing that is sucking at me is getting sucked at by another big-huge-sucking thing!  Oh, and that one is made of nuclear explosions.  Whaaaaat?

So, I just want to share this to you.  Look to the ground, feel its girth, pulling at you.  Look to the stars, feel their distance, so great that the light you are seeing is billions of years old.  Look to your own consciousness, feel the mind and the perspective that has spawned technologies, arts and religions that have built and destroyed worlds.

The universe is full of greatness in all the things that we see every day.  I hope you pause every once in a while, as you walk to the bus stop, to drink a bit of it in.