The Slippery Slope

Beware that slippery slope!  It’ll change your life before you even notice it!  I speak from experience, friends.

I once made the mistake of dabbling with the written word.  It was ill-advised, I know.  But I didn’t think it would go anywhere.  Honestly, I didn’t.  I thought it would only be ‘this one time.’  But it never works out that way.

Slowly, the dabbling grew.  I wrote a wee poem.  A small short story.  A larger short story.  Then, one day, I stood in my room holding my first novel.

“What have I done?” I whispered.  I had never thought it would go so far.  And now I was tumbling so fast down that slippery slope that I couldn’t stop.  I had another novel done in a couple years.  And now, I say it with shame, a third is well on its way.

Beware the first step!  I could have avoided all this productive creativity if only I had pushed down those nascent urges.  I could have been satisfied with a mediocre life of working, eating, pooping and sleeping.  But I didn’t have the wisdom.  I felt the sinful urge to create and I obeyed it without thinking.  

Be careful, friends!  Creative energy has a will of its own.  If you let it touch you, it won’t let you go.  And if you start today with just a little bit of dabbling, you may just find yourself sweating out a novel in a few years.

Be mindful.  Be on your guard.  The universe wants to take your ordinary life and make it extraordinary.  Cling to what is familiar if you hope to avoid it.  Push the light out and close your eyes.  If you are resolute, you will be able to get through life without making any waves.

It’s too late for me, as the slippery slope has made me an addict.  But there’s still a chance you you.  Good luck.