My Wife

by MW Cook

So here I am, sitting in a dark room in the wee hours of the morning.  I just got back from seeing The Avengers.  IMAX 3D.  Mind blown.  Joss Whedon is a god.  I was thinking about writing up some lovely review about the cinematic masterpiece.

But, for some reason, I find myself thinking about my wife as I settle down to sleep.  I don’t really know why.  Maybe images of the greatest humans we can think of just lead my brain to thinking about Ruth.  So before I turn in for the night, I figured I’d let you know some of my favourite things about her.

  • Fluidity.  She is not the woman I married.  Which is fine, really, because I’m not the man she married.  She has never reached a point in her thinking or living where she has said “Ah, now I’m done growing.  The way I look at the world now is the right way.”  She reaches forward, always bettering herself.  Always testing new ways of looking at the world and new things to do.
  • Empathy.  She can relate to anyone.  She can feel the pain or joy of anyone’s heart.  Even when she watches cheesy movies with stilted characters, she feels them.  And so she has always managed to understand me.  Even when I fall into those dark places that I cannot trust anyone with, she gets it.  She touches me there and helps me out.
  • Trust.  She’s willing to take risks.  For me.  For her own conscience.  For love.  She trusts that it’ll work.
  • Hope.  Life is great right now.  And she believes it’ll get better.  She’s right.
  • Forgetfulness.  I get to watch all my favourite movies as often as I want, because she somehow forgets what they are about a month after watching them.  And, better than that, she forgets the negative things that others do to her.  When I make boneheaded comments or fall into one of my vices, she forgets about it quickly and moves on. She hasn’t the memory to carry a grudge.  And she wouldn’t try, even if she did.

Yeah, so I like her.  She’s kinda my hero.  Maybe that’s why I was thinking about her so much tonight.