Almost Shameless Contest

by MW Cook

I like books and I think people ought to read a lot of them.
I find it hard to justify owning anything superfluous.
I own superfluous amounts of books.
I own a blog that gets very little traffic.
I’d like more traffic.
An opportunity for a contest of glory!

I have made a list of 101 books pulled off my shelf that I deem superfluous. Would you like one? I will hold a contest over the next week in which you will have a decent chance of getting the book of your choice, delivered to your house for free. Sounds like fun, eh? You bet it is. Here’s how you enter:

For one day, make this your status in your social media of choice (Twitter, Facebook, etc.):

The Illiterate Scribe is giving away free books! Check it out:

After you make that your status, leave a comment on the blog itself or on the Facebook feed I’ve made for it letting me know that you’ve done it. Then I will collect your name, put it into a hat and pick a random one exactly one week from now (June 14, 2010). If you win, I’ll let you know from the blog and through e-mail and you can tell me which book you want.

Does this seem shameless? Does it feel like some sort of cyber prostitution to change your Facebook status for gain? Maybe. But we all win, don’t we?

Here is the excel spreadsheet with the 101 books. If this is successful I’ll do this every month until I run out of books. Enter early for you best chance of winning!