A Guest Post from Ruth

by MW Cook

    “Sing to Him, sing praises to Him; tell of all His wondrous works!
Glory in His holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice!
Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence continually!
Remember the wondrous works that He has done, His miracles and the judgments He uttered.” Ps. 105:2-5

    What wonderful verses! They remind us of what we ought to do; but at times we find ourselves trapped into the worries and anxieties of this world and forget our focus. We don’t even realize how easily Satan uses these things to blind us so that we start doubting God and His wonderful promises! I have an exciting story to tell you all which I pray that God would use to encourage you, strengthen you and free you of whatever it is that is trapping you. So get ready!

    Even as a child, I remember having a love for God. My father was a great man of faith and trust in the Lord; he taught me a lot about my relationship with God. I remember the days when I was joyful and couldn’t stop talking about God and how He was working in my life. I went to a Bible college, KLBC, in Peterborough and God used those years to help me grow more. It was satisfying to be in His presence.
    But then something happened that totally changed it all. My dad died. It has been a bit over a year now. I found the year without my dad very depressing and difficult. My Peace was gone. I got rheumatoid arthritis right after his death. I started to realize that something is very wrong with my spiritual life. I had promised my dad that I’d have faith like his.  That no matter what happens I would continue to trust God BUT it all went backwards. Believe me it took me a whole year to realize what was wrong. I know it sounds like a long period of time to realize what is wrong but it happens sometimes. Sometimes we get so relaxed with our spiritual life and we don’t even realize how much Satan is taking advantage of it.
    Then about 2-3 weeks ago we were having a prayer meeting at a friend’s house. They prayed for me and God used that time to show me how my arthritis and not letting go of my dad are the things that are stopping me from growing. Because I’d get depressed seeing how my body is not working properly and I guess I never wanted my dad to die. You know what I mean? God answered prayers and freed me from my pain and depression. I felt so light. I never thought that I could go so crazy in that depth and once I did, I never thought I could ever get out of it and get back to my first love for God! But praise God He heard and freed me from these burdens on my back that were so heavy to bear. He took them and reminded me that He is a good shepherd who will nurture me and take care of me. It was wonderful! I came home and prayed with my wonderful husband and this is the picture that came to me head: A huge building. And you know how if someone throws himself off that roof, how fast he falls down. It was the other way around. As if Matt and I, as we jumped off the building, were weights and falling crazy speed – but upwards!! It was great!
    The next morning as I was praying this is the picture God gave: Pilgrim who has a huge and heavy burden on his shoulders but as soon as he gets to the Cross, it rolls off. I realized that this time I was that Pilgrim who seeing Christ is free of the things that were on my back for a year. I am rejoicing as I type this because I get to tell many people about the wondrous things God is doing in my life! How exciting!!
   The verses above are a good reminder to me: I am to praise Him, His works. Rejoice. Seek Him and remember His works NOT worry about or complain about the problems I have. This is not what I ought to do. Yes, my arthritis is quite bad this week I am having a hard time to walk but I could be worse, yes? I will continue to see HIM. This time Satan can’t have a chance to win. The victory is mine in and through Jesus!! YES!
   Just remember that there is no burden or sin HE can’t take away. He has the power over all and everything. Trust that He is able to do that which we can’t even imagine. Rejoice that HE has freed us all! Keep reminding yourselves. Keep exercising your gifts. Tell everyone what God is doing in your life. You never know who you may encourage.

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