One Among Many

by MW Cook

I’m reading through The Eye of the World with my wife. It’s a lot of fun curling up on the couch, turning all the screens and speakers off and reading out loud together.

The series is all about the rise of the prophesied Dragon Reborn who is destined to fight against the dark one and save the people of the world. It’s wild. I’ve talked about it before.

It starts off in a tiny village. Everyone has heard the prophecies of the Dragon. In fact, there have been many false Dragons rising up and proclaiming themselves. Many more than usual. In a time when there are false Dragons in almost every country, who would take another claimant seriously? But it is in this setting that the real Dragon is actually reborn.

Someone would be tempted to say, “Hey, there are false Dragons all over the place. Why should I think that this guy is the real one?”

That sounds like what people say today when they talk about faith. “There are so many religions today, how can I know which one is right? Maybe none are!”

But truth, like the Dragon, comes with signs. In the book, the Dragon has a set of prophecies that prove him. Only the true Dragon can touch the mystic sword Callandor. Only the Dragon can unite the warring Aiel clans. Only the Dragon’s blood will free mankind from the Shadow. In the midst of countless false Dragons, the true Dragon will stand out. He must stand out.

Truth has marks as well. And in a world filled with false Truths, it will stand out.

What are the marks of spiritual Truth? Can you recognize them?
– Truth is true all the time.
– Truth changes a person.
– Truth agrees with other truths.
– Truth has complex depth.
– Truth has peaceful simplicity.

What are other marks of Truth?

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