by MW Cook


It’s a much better name than Swine Flu, eh? I think it captures a more serious and mysterious feeling. You’re more likely to be afraid of a deadly virus known only as H1N1 than you are of a disease called Swine Flu. Seriously, it just sounds silly.

According to Wikipedia a whopping 6,508 people have been killed because of H1N1 this year. Wow. A lot, eh? Good thing there’s a lot of public awareness on this.

Do you know how many people die a year from hunger? A little more than 30 million.

H1N1: 6,508
Hunger: 30,000,000+

You wanna see a scary graphic?

That scares the crap out of me.

I know you’ve heard this all before. I know it’s very fashionable to talk about solving world hunger as we reach for the nearest bean burrito. I realize that I’m just playing to a fad. But seriously, hunger? HUNGER?! 30 million people died because they couldn’t get their hands on a freakin’ piece of bread? There is something seriously wrong with that.

And this is the part where I’m supposed to encourage you all to be thankful, maybe support a kid from Compassion Canada and eat all your vegetables. What are some ways that we can help solve this insane (and completely preventable) problem of world hunger?
1) Give food to someone who doesn’t have food.
2) Get involved in your government and push them to spend more money on aid to developing countries.
3) Live simply.
4) Go to Asia and open a school / orphanage / food bank.
5) Support someone who wants to go to Asia and open a school / orphanage / food bank.

We live in a global village, right? So the starving folks in Asia are your neighbours, right? And whatever you do to your neighbors you do to Jesus, right?

I think Jesus is hungry.

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