Productive World-Building

by MW Cook

You may never have heard of the oft-deadly World-Builder’s Disease. But you may have suffered from a strand of it. Let me explain.

Among fantasy writers, World-Builder’s Disease is a debilitating disease that makes you feel wonderfully productive. Rumor has it that Tolkien struggled with it. Basically, it’s when a writer is so focused with creating his world that he pretty much forgets to write the stories that make people like me care about the world. There are many aspiring sci-fi / fantasy writers who have been robbed of potential novels because of it. Usually they just degenerate into role-players.

But there’s another strand of this disease that affects anyone concerned with productivity. It’s symptoms are often elusive. Generally, the infected individual will spend most of his time reading productivity books, making task lists and organizing work spaces. But very little work is actually done. The subject generally earns the title of ‘workaholic’ without the benefit of true productivity.

And then there’s another strain that affects those who value spirituality. It’s pretty much the same of the productivity disease. The victim starts spending all his time reading about how to be spiritual, how to pray, how to love his neighbor and how to live a radical Christian life. But he reads so much that he doesn’t have time to put any of it into practice.

Be wary of these diseases!

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