by MW Cook

I have a lot of books. Some of them are pretty wild. But I think none of them compare to The Force of Star Wars by Frank Allnutt.

I found it at a used bookstore in St. Catharines. I was drawn to it because, well, I’m drawn to almost anything Star Wars. And once I opened it I knew I needed to buy it. It’s someone’s ham-handed attempt to present the Gospel through Star Wars. I bought it immediately.
Now, I can understand using secular media as an analogy for Biblical truth. Shoot, I mention Star Wars in half my sermons. But this book pushes it to the limit. I want to share a choice chuckle-worthy passage with you:

Luke and Solo represent two distinct groups of believer: Luke, with his religious heritage, and Solo, who was from a totally nonreligious background.
The book of Revelation contains prophecy of two similar groups of believers in the True Force. In the story of the two witnesses in the eleventh chapter, we read that these two witnesses are also two olive trees and two lampstands. This, of course, is figurative language. The answer to this riddle is found in the other sections of the Bible.

In Luke and Solo, then, we see allegory for both Hebrew Christians and Gentile Christians. Just as these characters from Star Wars were oppressed by the Imperial forces of the Emperor, so will Hebrew Christians and Gentile Christians be persecuted by Satan’s ambassador to planet earth, the Antichrist.

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