by MW Cook

I’m going to be preaching this morning. I thought I’d share one little part of my sermon that affected me.

Because of God’s transcendence and ‘other’ness, it’s really impossible to completely know him. Which is why Christ encouraged us to have a child-like faith. Most people, when they hear that, think that means faith without proof. But I don’t think that’s how a child has faith. A child’s faith is curious and full of wonder. A child is relentless, even in the face of an impossible task, like knowing a transcendent God. A child’s faith is anything but blind. We all know a child’s favorite question: why?
Blind faith, as I see it, isn’t really faith at all. Isn’t it more of a delusion? How could God be honored by a belief about him that had no ground in reality or reason? I think faith is more about living and acting and believe in accordance with your worldview than it is about belieing something to be true even when you have no reason to believe it.