Plans, plans, plans.

by MW Cook

What are you doing in three weeks?

I guess I can’t be sure. I’ve been ‘sure’ of a lot of these over this past three/four years that have never happened. But I think I’ll be walking out of a warm airport into a frigid blast of Canadian February. We’re coming home.

Good or bad? Bitter or sweet?

It’ll be hard leaving the family and friends I have here. It’ll be hard to leave them and this country that I’ve fallen in love with. It’ll be hard to leave the unique opportunities that this place presents us with.
It’ll be good to get to Canada and see the family and friends I have there. It’ll be good to enjoy the great things Canada has and the unique opportunities Canada will present me.

I’m excited to get back. I’m excited about all the great things I will be able to be a part of. Good things are in the future. Pray for us. See ya in a few weeks.