Bollywood Bride

by MW Cook

My little bro, Mike, recently upgraded his iPod to an iPod. So I was able to score his old one. But I didn’t have any music. So I looked around on the server where I used to work and I found about forty old Bollywood mp3s that I had downloaded there more than three years ago.

I’ve been a little melancholy this past week. The love of my life (the very thought of whom drives me bonkers with joy/desire/lonliness/delight/etc) is on the other side of the world along with the fruit of my loins. And then I start listening to the music I listened to when we were first married. Almost lost it. I ran around the house for a while. The songs that we played at the wedding are on the iPod. And I thought to myself, “dear Lord, I miss my wife.”

I’m listening to Roop Tera Mastana right now. It’s the very first Indian song I ever heard. Man…I miss my wife.

So Ruth, if you’re reading this, just let me say a few things to you:

Yar, mein kya kahu?
Bas, mein kya karu?
Kyunke jo vo mein dolut samjhta hai dur hai
Aur vo hai tu.

Aur koi chiz nahin chahta.
Aur koi shukhs nahin dekhta.
Kyunke sub kuch, har chiz, sara jahaan to
hai kuch bhi nahin.

Tere beghar mein kuch nahin karsekta
Tere bin koi kam kamyab nahin hojata
Kyunke tu hai vo jo sub ko kamal (complete?) kardeti
Aur, bas, mein tujhe pyaar karta

Love ya, babes. See you soon.