Number 12 (at long last)

by MW Cook

Sorry for the delay. I was in Sanghar at my little salla’s engagement ceremony. I’ll post more about that in a day or two.

But back to the responses to this article. I’ve asked my brother-in-law, John, to handle number twelve. So heeeeeeere’s Johnny:

Here’s a transcript:

Argument: Christianity encourages acceptance of real evils while focusing on imaginary evils.

This argument is closely linked to the previous one. It is very true that Christians often focus on obscure, imaginary evils while ignoring the blazingly obvious ones. Poverty is the best example of this. In every country there are people living on the street and everyone agrees that this is a great evil. But very few people, Christians or not, do anything about it. It is a terrible shame on the church that we have failed to manifest the truths of the gospel through social kindness.

Jesus was very much concerned with the poor. Often he suggests that following him and helping the poor are almost synonymous. A Christian who is not concerned with the obvious social evils of this world is really not a Christian at all.

Also, when the Bible tells us to submit to the governing authorities it is not advocating acceptance of the status quo, rather it is condemning anarchy. Christians are meant to rock the boat, this is for certain, but not without a good reason.