3 & 4

by MW Cook

3) Christianity is based on dishonesty
This point is not backed up well. His claim first hinges on Christianity being based on fear, which it is not. Second he points to dishonest clergy, but that is a problem with the practice of Christians, rather than objective Christianity. Lastly he points to Pascal’s Wager (which I think he really misunderstands). It’s dishonest for him to claim that it is one of the most popular arguments for belief in God. Of course the wager, as he describes it, has nothing to do with Christianity. No serious Christian would use such an argument as he defines it.

4) Christianity is extremely egocentric
Religion’s strongest appeal may be the promise of heaven; as I see it, the strongest appeal of Christianity is gaining Christ Himself. Is this egocentric? Is it egocentric to desire the greatest thing in the universe? Not at all. Christianity points completely away from self and toward Christ. It is not centered on Man, it is centered on God. Rewards and gifts and the attention God gives to man does not change this. Christianity does not teach a man to look at himself, but to let self go and run to God.