Pregnant Chads (or Abdullahs?)

by MW Cook

For those living in the West it is becoming increasingly important to understand non-Western cultures. Especially in a place like Canada when in some areas it’s hard to find a Caucasian. I actually like the ethnic mix we’ve got going on. It helps guard against cultural arrogance and it creates a worldview that’s a little more open and understanding of the world than most. I love immigrants.

And so I hear these days that in America and Canada there are politicians who don’t match the traditional picture of public figures. I saw on Canadian parliament a turbaned Sikh once. I hear that a Muslim man is running for president in America. Neat. I told a few people about this. I’ve always gotten the same response:

“What is the world coming to? We’re certainly in the last days now! I can’t believe they’d let a [Muslim, Sikh or any other non-white person] run for public office!”

I was surprised.

I have this question: what’s the difference? When it comes down to it what’s the difference between a Muslim and a ‘normal’ Canadian or American? What’s the difference between a Sikh and a politician who is Christian by name but atheist by conduct? What’s the difference between a religious man from far away and an irreligious man from next door?

When did we get this idea that immigrants were stupid or dangerous? Haven’t we had enough incompetent western leaders to realize that maybe an eastern one can’t be much worse? Personally, if I voted based on moral integrity, I’d vote for the Muslim before I voted for a Canadian. But, of course, I don’t vote based on moral integrity. I vote based on how I think a candidate would run the country. Certainly morality does play a part in it. But if a wonderfully godly Christian who had no clue what he was doing decided to run for office I don’t think he’d get my vote.

I guess I just don’t understand how we can possibly call a Muslim pagan or immoral while the average man walking down our streets and running our government has a moral system that would make a devil blush.