by MW Cook

It took God six days to make the cosmos. Six days. Six days to throw the trillions of stars throughout the vacuum of space. Six days to design and perfectly place the billions of chemicals in the DNA strand of a housefly. Six days to order countless plants, comets, asteroids, galaxies and other unknown phenomena on their intricate courses. Six days to determine with exactness the millions of creatures to inhabit this little planet. Six days to make the things we have been straining to study ever since we noticed them. Six days to make all that we would ever know while we breathed air. Six days to make the deepest depths and the highest heights. Only six days. What does this say? This says it was all easy. He didn’t even break a sweat. One week’s work and that was it. No big deal. Just flexing his muscles.

But there is another job he has been working on for far longer. One that will have an infinitely more glorious result than the entire cosmos. “I go to prepare a place for you”, said Christ almost two thousand years ago. The universe was made in six days. Christ has been designing the saints’ everlasting rest for about 720,145 days now. Divide that by six days and we could dare to estimate that the everlasting abode of man with God will be 120,024 times more glorious, more pleasurable and more joyful than the beautiful work of art we inhabit now.

These are dangerous thoughts because they are speculative. I cannot dare to suggest what the next life will be like when the prophets themselves could only give us vague pictures. I merely want to bring out this beautiful and deadly point: The next world is inconceivably better in every respect than this one. This world is grand. The pleasures the world offers are amazing, so much that you could spend your entire life toying with the things we find here and never be bored. So much to be explored, just on our little planet, not to mention the amazing wonders that seem to wait on the other bodies flying through space. This world has much to offer. But the next world has 120,000 times more to offer.

And nothing in the next world will hurt or distract. It will all point us to the greatest good. It will all be beneficial. It will all fill us with joy. And not just any joy, but joy in the Beloved. Joy in Christ. Most of the pleasure in this world have been perverted and desecrated by our sinful natures, but we shan’t be able to ruin the pure joy of the New Earth. We won’t be able to slowly kill ourselves with pleasure like we do here. Rather every pleasure will lead us onward to newer and fuller pleasures and every pleasure will be in God.

But why should we think about this? I can think of two reasons. The first is just to sit and employ

The mind and heart to understand
And love the sovereign Lord who planned
That it should take eternity
To lavish all his grace on me.

The second flows from the first. We count all as loss compared to the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus our Lord. For his sake we can suffer the loss of all things and rightly count them as rubbish compared to the prize to be given to us. To own and control the entire universe is a prize to small for me. A place 120,000 times better than this plane will be my house and a creator infinitely greater than that will be my spouse. And so I throw off the world and it’s pleasures like a dirty garment and get ready to change for my wedding.