The new and old

by MW Cook

As you may have noticed, I finally caved and upgraded to the new Blogger design thingy. Next thing you know I’ll be prostituting the blog and using Ad-sense of something like that.

A little prayer request for you all. We got a call last night from Ruth’s father. Some of you may remember that a few years back he had some heart surgery. After you do that sort of thing the doctors wrap a nasty wire around your sternum to keep it from flying open at an akward time. The doctors recommed that you get it checked out sometime in the next few years. Ruth’s dad also is suffering from Luekemia. This forces him to go for monthly checkups to Karachi. This last time he decided to get his wire checked out, as he’s been feeling a bit of pain there recently. The doctor looked at it and said it had to be taken out immediately. As I type this Ruth is in Karahi and her father is probably in pre-op. It seems that the wire is coming loose, though I can’t be sure because communication breaks down pretty quick over here. So pray for him. It’s a nasty surgery that will take him out of commission for a while. Also pray about his financial situation. It’s costing 22,000Rs., which is more than my apartment costs for a month. This is especially difficult now, right after the holidays. Also Ruth and her little brother are going to be taking care of him while he’s recovering. They also have Jospeh, so their hands will be full. So pray.